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Prime Resource Property Management, Inc. is the premier residential and commercial property management company in Maryland. Located in Lanham, our location was strategically placed in order to service the areas in both directions of the beltway easily. Our personalized service ensures that you make the most of your real estate investment. We are licensed real estate agents, proficient in real estate investment management. That’s what we do that’s all we do. We have your financial interests at heart. The average REALTOR can manage your home; however, most specialize in the business of buying and selling, can they really be proficient at managing the day-to-day operations of Tenant and property management?

We cater to the day-to-day operation requirements of your housing investment, ensuring optimal conditions for maximum tenant desirability. We carry out home inspections every six months to identify whether there is a need for repairs or value-adding upgrades. All property bills are paid on time and your portfolio is updated daily. Our management fee is fair and comparable for the service we provide. We go above and beyond for you and “never nickel and dime” our clients.

We will market your property with a view towards maximum tenancy rates. We screen tenants for credit, criminal, and eviction history. The background checks are thorough to ensure that only tenants that match our specific criteria are allowed access to your property.

“WE ARE REALTORS”. With over 30 years combined Real Estate experience, we make the selling process seamless. Most of our Landlords keep properties for 5 to 10 years or longer. We know our properties inside and out! Who would be better than your experienced Investment Manager to sell your home? We call it the “2 for 1” program. One Agent equipped to proficiently handle 2 jobs! When you consider adding to your portfolio, who better to ask for assistance than your Real Estate investment manager? Before you make an investment purchase, ask yourself is my agent proficient with knowing about the ROI? Can they tell me what the cost of renovations are? Do they have the best lender for my scenario? These are some of the questions you should ask before signing the contract with a buyer agent who wants to show you homes. If you are looking to add multiple properties to your portfolio, we can carry out and complete this task for you. We list homes for rent and for sale in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the area. We can prudently help guide your real estate investment strategy, creating huge profits for you, thanks to our vast experience and expertise.

If you are selling a home, we can help remove the hassle from marketing and promotional tasks. Our home-staging advice and online exposure will attract qualified buyers within a short period of time. We will facilitate skilled negotiations to ensure that you secure the best profit margin.

Tenants love to work with us when finding great homes to rent because we are mindful of their needs and preferences. We have good knowledge of local neighborhoods and can help them identify homes that provide safety, lifestyle, amenities, convenience, and desirable school districts.

Reach out to us for a free consultation, whether you are Landlord or potential Resident.

We are “The Help You Need; The Service You’ll Trust!”