Residential Property Management

Do you require help in removing stress from residential property management in Lanham, MD? At Prime Resource Property Management, we have the expertise and experience to oversee the management of your home rental. Understanding that each residential property has unique requirements, we provide you with customized real estate management service.

We are a professional and premier management firm with your best financial interests at heart. We specialize in residential properties, from condominiums and townhouses to multi-family houses. Our goal is to provide maximum satisfaction to both tenants and property owners.

Our residential management caters to every big and small detail. Our hands-on marketing and use of technology enables us to get the word out and maximize tenancy rates. Through online and offline promotions and advertising, we are able to fill vacancies quicker.

We screen the tenants that we allow into your rental apartment, finding out everything you need to know about their credit, criminal, and rental history. This results in a sustainable and healthy relationship between tenants and property owners.

We collect rent, pursue defaults, and ensure tenants’ compliance to your conditions for use of your property. Our bookkeeping is transparent and above board, including in accounting for rental income, running expenses, and escrow deposits. We send you accurate financial reports every month.

We are happy when we see your residential real estate investments doing great. Thus, our strategy aims at giving you leverage even when real estate conditions turn volatile. We continue to inform your investment strategy and ensure sustained financial growth for your real estate venture.
Choose our residential property management at Prime Resource Property Management for superior quality services. We charge very low monthly management fees with the fruits of our work continuing to surpass your expectations