Property Rentals

Prime Resource Property Management has the capacity to help you succeed when you desire to invest in property rentals in Lanham, MD. We have an extensive knowledge of local renting requirements and will advise you on what to do to maximize profits for your investment.

For profitable investing in property rentals, we will provide you with accurate market analysis. This involves up-to-date rental reviews that will help determine the rent you should charge your tenants. This is critical in the promotion of optimal tenancy rates and rental income.

We also know the local real estate market well and will give you the information you require to make the right investment decisions. We constantly study market dynamics and can direct you to some of the most prime and desirable locations to buy rental property.

We strive to provide comfortable and clean living conditions for your tenants through 24-hour property maintenance. We carry out inspections before tenant entry and exit, documenting everything and writing a detailed report. We address any repair attributable to normal wear and tear as well as property damage following a tenant’s liability.

We desire to make all our clients happy. Our online accounting services make it easier for tenants to fulfill their financial obligations, and for property owners to track revenue and expenses. There is a discount for retired military members and a $99 flat fee for senior citizens.
Talk to us at Prime Resource Property Management for profitable property management. We employ cost-effective property management strategies to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Our advice can help you expand your residential real estate portfolio with bigger returns on investment.